Fees and Services 

My fees for mediations are $1,500.00 for half-day mediations and $2,500.00 for full-day mediations - generally split equally between the parties. There is no administrative or "set-up" fee, nor is there a fee for typical pre-hearing telephone calls or document review. For work as a Special Master or Arbitrator my fee is $450 per hour.
Personal Injury

Whether the injury arises from an auto accident, a slip and fall, or some other unforeseen event, I can assist you in negotiating with the other party to reach a mutually acceptable compromise.  As an attorney I have represented plaintiffs as well as insurance companies and have mediated numerous personal injury matters.  I also serve as a Judge Pro Tempore (Temporary Judge) for both the Sacramento and El Dorado County Superior Courts.


Few disputes are as emotionally complex and sensitive as those that arise in an employment relationship.  I have mediated all manner of employment disputes, such as failure to accommodate disabilities, sexual harassment, breach of employment contract, and several varieties of wrongful termination.  I also provide training to groups and companies on how to manage and resolve workplace conflict.  Please call to arrange either a mediation or a training workshop.



I have been able to facilitate mutually agreeable resolutions to all manner of business disputes - from disputes over a few thousand dollars all the way up to multi-million dollar breach of contract litigated cases.  Regardless of the dollar amount at issue, I can help the parties look deeper than the "positions" that are being taken and identify the most important "interests" they are seeking to protect  - then work toward reaching an agreement that protects both parties' interests.

Insurance and Coverage

Occasionally, parties are unable to resolve a dispute or litigated matter because there is a disagreement over either the insurance carrier's or the insured's rights and obligations, given the facts of the matter.  Having practiced insurance coverage law for a number of years I am qualified to interpret both personal lines and commercial insurance contracts and apply the facts of a case to the policy in order to facilitate an agreement between insurer and insured.


Construction Defects

Having been a construction defect attorney for several years, I am uniquely qualified to serve as either a mediator or special master for both residential as well as commercial construction defect cases.  I have a thorough understanding of both the construction issues as well as the complex insurance coverage issues that are typically at play in construction defect cases.  I can work directly with the litigants, the insurance adjusters and the construction professionals in reaching settlements.

Homeowner Association

I have mediated multiple disputes between residential associations and property owners under the Davis-Stirling Act.  I bring to each dispute a thorough understanding of the applicable law, an eye for detail in the particular bylaws at issue, as well as a pragmatic approach that recognizes the parties will typically want to retain a workable if not cordial relationship moving forward.